"There's a simple secret to our business. I learned it from my father: we do what we say we're going to do, when we say we're going to do it, and for the price we all agree on. We do it safely. And we do it with kindness. That's what professionalism means to us."

Jason Sosnovsky

Chief Executive Officer

What We Do

You give us plans for your solar installation. We fulfill those plans.

We perform the mechanical scope on ground mount, canopy, and rooftop projects. We also perform the DC scope with installation of MLPEs, termination of homeruns, and proper, clean management of wires.

When We Do It

Construction projects live and die on schedules. We execute schedules.

At the outset of the project, we work with you to create an efficient and fair schedule. Then we bring the manpower to fulfill the schedule. We know that time is money. It's true for you, and it's true for us.

Who Does It

Since 2020, we've built over 50MW of solar. We're experienced.

Our installers have worked on many systems whether on the roof or on the ground, and with manpower based throughout the Southeast, we're a one day mobilization to a great swath of the country.