JUNE 1, 2024


Happy June! May was a good month. We were working throughout the Southeast and building up our backlog of projects for the rest of the year. Good momentum for the second half of 2024. Hope same for y'all.

In May, we worked one rooftop project in Savannah, Georgia as well as ground mounts in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Virginia.

In Savannah, we continued on our 1.4MW rooftop with the Ecofoot2+ system at a shopping mall. The project has been going smoothly, and we aim to finish this month.

On the ground, we reached substantial completion on the pictured ground mount in South Boston, Virginia. We also received panels and began preparations on a 6.89MW ground mount in Bassett, Virginia where we will build the Terrasmart TerraTrak 2P system - a first for us. We've also continued in northeast Arkansas with several smaller ground mounts for farmers, and we started and completed an OMCO fixed-tilt system in Memphis, Tennessee at a car dealership.

We're looking forward to a good June. We'll be spread again across the hot Southeast. We'll be safe, kind, and professional, and we'll try to build good work. Hope you have a super month, and please keep in touch if there's anywhere we can work together soon. We're ready to bid for the second half of 2024 and into 2025 as well!

Thank you,


Jason Sosnovsky

Chief Executive Officer